Japan Diary: March 12th.

Friday March 12th – “The day my computer died”

Today I had a skype conversation in the morning, in my room, when Keiko came by. I took my computer with me to greet her. She made me taste a brown, sweet, liquid in a small bottle. I placed the bottle next to my computer, which of course was a bad decision. In a quick motion my one-week-old apple laptop, hit the bottle and made the content spill out over the keyboard. I quickly tried to save my computer with tissues. I saw myself as lucky, since my keyboard is covered with a protective, silicone layer. Only until I realized the liquid which has gone around the computer and into the fan.

First the computer showed no sign of damage, except it notified me that the battery was running out. I went to my room to charge, but here the first problem occurred.  There was no reaction when I tried to charge. The family did a lot to try and save my computer. Hiro also took me to a guy who repaired computers; unfortunately he only dealt with Microsoft windows computers, not apple. Hiro called the closest apple store… in Fukuoka. (The other side of Kyushu).  They told me that it would cost 100,000 yen to repair and it would take 2 weeks.  I couldn’t believe it. I called my mother, who called the apple store in Copenhagen, which told her they would fix the damage for free. Great then I just had to carry a dead computer around for another 8 weeks.

In the evening the computer suddenly started to recharge and I felt extremely relieved. I quickly went to Hiro’s room to tell him the news, but his father told me that Hiro had gone out to return a rental movie. I returned to my room and when I tried to turn on the computer, my new feeling of hope was shattered. The screen was black with some occasional worrying colours flashing by. I turned it off and called my mother again. That evening Hiro went to visit a friend and I spent the rest of the night talking with my mother. (on skype in my ipod), trying to chase away deep frustration.


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