Japan Diary: March 13th.

Saturday March 13th – “Another date with “The drunk girl””

For some reason I tried to turn on my computer when I woke up this morning. I expected to see a black screen, but to my surprise my computer started up as it normally would. I couldn’t believe it. It was working! I told the great news to my mother and my host mother. Hiro hadn’t returned from his friend, so I was alone with his parents. I had a lunch date with “The drunk girl”, Megumi, who came to pick me up around 12. We drove in her car to the neighbouring city to find a restaurant. Just like with Hiro, conversation subjects was limited. She had brought her little Chihuahua dog with her, which paced the backseat of the car thin.

“He hates driving.” Megumi said. Which, the little dog later proved by throwing up. We found a restaurant, though I was still struggling with finding a nice conversation starter. The restaurant had a TV, which I pretended to watch, just like when I had my lunch date with Hiro a few days earlier. I told her about my scary Friday and the hell my computer put me through, though Megumi was mostly interested in trying to figure out the name of the drink that was the cause of the whole thing. When we reached the agreement that the drink was called Yakult, she then wanted to convince me that it was very delicious. Not that I was in the same opinion nor did I think my computer cared. [Note: I guess now it sounds like I disliked Megumi, which I didn’t. I did like spending time with her, just awkward at times.]

Megumi insisted on paying for the dinner and we went back to her car where her dog was eagerly waiting. We then drove around a bit, went to a 100 yen shop, looked at some other shops, met her mother and her aunt, which took over her dog and then we went back to my homestay city. Megumi then wanted to go to the supermarket to buy ice cream, which she also insisted on paying. Though I did try to pry the ice from her hands and told her I wanted to pay. Yes it did get physical. No luck.

Then we went to a nearby park to eat the ice cream and talk. After that she drove me home and said I should call her if I got bored, because she had plenty of free time. Well we did have that in common. When I returned home, Hiro still wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Was that feeling disappointment? No way! Though the big house seemed a bit empty without his stupid jokes. My host mother told me that he had sent a text saying he would be home around 21 (9 pm.) I ate dinner with the parents and around 20:30, they went off to bed. I stayed in the living room, with my computer, pretending to watch television, though the truth was I was waiting for Hiro to return.

The clock passed 21, no Hiro and moved on to 22 around 23 [11 pm] I decided to return to my room. Shortly after I heard the sound of a car pulling up the driveway. He was back. I went out to the hallway, waited by the corner of the main door and as he opened it I made it look like I was casually passing by on my way to the living room. Hiro came and sat with me in the, now dark, living room. We talked a little about our day and then… we went to bed. Yes, successful, I know…


Japan Diary: March 12th.

Friday March 12th – “The day my computer died”

Today I had a skype conversation in the morning, in my room, when Keiko came by. I took my computer with me to greet her. She made me taste a brown, sweet, liquid in a small bottle. I placed the bottle next to my computer, which of course was a bad decision. In a quick motion my one-week-old apple laptop, hit the bottle and made the content spill out over the keyboard. I quickly tried to save my computer with tissues. I saw myself as lucky, since my keyboard is covered with a protective, silicone layer. Only until I realized the liquid which has gone around the computer and into the fan.

First the computer showed no sign of damage, except it notified me that the battery was running out. I went to my room to charge, but here the first problem occurred.  There was no reaction when I tried to charge. The family did a lot to try and save my computer. Hiro also took me to a guy who repaired computers; unfortunately he only dealt with Microsoft windows computers, not apple. Hiro called the closest apple store… in Fukuoka. (The other side of Kyushu).  They told me that it would cost 100,000 yen to repair and it would take 2 weeks.  I couldn’t believe it. I called my mother, who called the apple store in Copenhagen, which told her they would fix the damage for free. Great then I just had to carry a dead computer around for another 8 weeks.

In the evening the computer suddenly started to recharge and I felt extremely relieved. I quickly went to Hiro’s room to tell him the news, but his father told me that Hiro had gone out to return a rental movie. I returned to my room and when I tried to turn on the computer, my new feeling of hope was shattered. The screen was black with some occasional worrying colours flashing by. I turned it off and called my mother again. That evening Hiro went to visit a friend and I spent the rest of the night talking with my mother. (on skype in my ipod), trying to chase away deep frustration.

Japan Diary: March 11th [Part 3/3]

Okay so I haven’t updated in ages. I started university, gotten my own apartment and overall a lot of things to deal with. I want to finish this though. I’ve created another blog, which allows me to be more random – since I’ve now devoted this blog to my Japan diary. My new blog is called “Understanding Japanese” (the link is in the right sidebar.) which will be about anything Japan-related I can think of. (Things, food, language, the people…) Maybe it’ll also become a personal blog… I’ll go to Japan again later this month. (only for two weeks). And then I’ll use the other blog to update. (since I want to keep this “clean”).

Thursday March 11th – “Really? Him?!”

Was I really watching him? The guy I was just yesterday trying to avoid. Even this morning I dreaded being alone with him. I remembered Hiro’s reaction when I told Megumi I didn’t have a problem with him being 10 years older than me. Did I even have a chance with this guy? And am I only interested because he’s Japanese. Not that he’s bad looking, but it would surprise me. It’s no secret I like Japanese guys. Even getting “familiar” with a few, in Tokyo and Osaka. Did I really want more “flings and flirts” like that? Besides what did I have to offer? My talent when it comes to talking too much and being sarcastic? Sure, we are a great match.

I decided I just wanted to have fun with it. Just let things run their course and look where it ends. Of course it didn’t mean I couldn’t help things a little. I went closer to Hiro and gave his back a small push. “Abonaiyo!” (That’s dangerous!) Hiro said with a laugh and jumped down from the edge. We continued to walk around the tiny island and headed back to the car. On the way home I pretended to be asleep to avoid the awkward silence. Yes, great match. When we came home we ate dinner with his parents as usual and talked in the evening. The next morning I received an e-mail from Hiro, with the photos we took yesterday, with a small message attached.



楽しかったね。まだ行こ *^_^*

(Isabella, Thank you for yesterday. It was fun. Let’s go again.)

Did he really think it was a nice trip?