Are people really that great at rushing…

… I’m probably just lazy.


So recently I’ve been looking through the threads/topics/questions in the forum on Japan-guide and I realized something: I’m lazy. I kinda always knew that, but apparently even when it comes to traveling.

I basicly read through a bunch of travel plans for Japan, by people who wanted to know if their specific plan is do-able in terms of time and what-so-ever. And most of these plans ad one thing in common for me… rush.

Most of these planned travels were between 7 to 19 days. (Most normally 10-14 days) And I was genuinely surprised to see how ambitious people actually are. I mean, they have so few days and basically plan to see most of Japan in that time span. Just reading their plans made me exhausted. Most of them only plan to stay one day in each city, even big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. One person even asked if spending two days in Tokyo would be too much. Like seriously?

When I go to Japan I often stay 2 weeks in one area. Like staying 2 weeks in Osaka and then also go on day trips to: Kyoto, Nara & Kobe. The Kansai area easily entertained me that amount of days. Imagining only spending one single day in Osaka… No, impossible, I love that city too much. It’s more like spending one day in Namba area and then there are still the other areas in Osaka city to be covered. Not to mention all the areas in Tokyo which are on the “must-see” list.

How do people do it? Are people really that great at rushing? I mean… spend one day in Kyoto, spend a half day in Osaka and then rush to Hiroshima where you spend a few hours before going to Fukuoka to spend the night and then off to Nagasaki… and then of course making ones way back to Tokyo. (even though leaving from KIX – Kansai international airport would be better)

I’m no good with time schedules and I know for sure I would be behind my travel plan after just a few hours. Like losing track of time in a department store (you gotta love shopping in Japan) or just spending a bit too much time taking pictures near a temple or shrine. I thought it was enough the day I had to go from Saitama and cover Asakusa, Shibuya and Akihabara before 6 o’clock. (Had a concert in Akihabara) I of course understand that not all people has the opportunity to travel to Japan the way I have done.

– July 2008: 2 weeks in Tokyo/Kanto.  – February 2009: 2 weeks in Osaka/Kansai.  – July 2009: 2 weeks in Tokyo/Kanto.  – October 2009: 2 weeks in Osaka/Kansai.  And then my upcoming 9 weeks trip.

Note: no, I’m not rich. In Denmark we get paid to go to school after we turn 18 years old. (and schools are free) so I had the extra money – since I’m not a big spender.

But I must say, … people really has some impressive plans. I find that admirable, because I’m just way too lazy to be able to do it. Of course, if I had to do it – I would. I just prefer not to. Since I don’t think I would be able to enjoy myself, if I couldn’t just relax and watch things slow paced.


I miss Japanese food…

I really do.

Guess that’s one of the things I really look forward to when going back to Japan next month. On my last trip to Japan I bought a bunch of “cup-noodle-like” Yakisoba packages, because well… I really love yakisoba- And these packages are actually not that bad. It’s not the real thing, but close enough.

I added the egg, because… well I felt it was missing something. XD

I hope to have a more “meaningful” post soon.

Hope to update soon.

I hope to make this blog active soon. Since my trip is coming closer.

Recently I’ve just focused on my Youtube channel – which I’ll also use during my trip to post videos of my experiences around Japan. Link to my youtube channel has been added to the sitebar. For now it’s a random Japan-related channel, but once I go to Japan it’ll be a travel vlog – so if you’re interested in Japan – check it out.